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Motivation — November 2, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Listen to Yourself

There are many workout routines to choose from and many people will tell you different approaches on how and what to exercise. It is a good thing, considering the knowledge you get from all sides. But the most important thing to do when working out is to listening yourself.

Listen to Yourself:
Listen to Yourself

Experienced bodybuilders or fitness athletes in the gym will give you advice on how to do a proper workout; number of sets and repetitions, proper movement, body structure and etc. They are all great advices to follow, but don’t take them for granted every time. Workout programs are flexible and succumb on many changes. Most of the changes occur because the workout routine gets boring; because body development wants new challenges; because you fell like doing a bit more aerobic exercises then anaerobic and etc.

Let’s say you have chest workout and biceps. Normally, your workout routine is bench press, incline bench press, dumbbell flyes and dumbbell flyes – incline bench; but some times you don’t feel like starting with a bench press. Instead of bench pressing, you feel the energy for making Dips or Push-ups. So do them! There is nothing wrong in changing the exercises. In fact, the exercise shift will increases progress.

Listen to Yourself and enjoy:
Listen to Yourself

Listening to yourself while working out is more like listening to your instincts. Like a tiger that smells it’s pray and wants to hunt it down. Just like him, enter the gym and ask yourself what do feel like working out, and do it! You fell like running on the treadmill before lifting weights! – DO IT; you feel like doing pull-ups instead of rowing on a machine! – DO it.

But remember; shift the workout exercises, not the workout program. The body has to remain in an arranged plan of a workout routine.

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