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Fitness, Motivation — November 22, 2010 at 4:33 am

F1 Drivers Fitness

Even though they are just drivers, they belong to the group of athletes with high physical and mental condition. F1 drivers are required to have a healthy body with physical endurance capable of driving a high speed car for a longer period.

Lewis Hamilton running:
Lewis Hamilton running

With a top speed an F1 car can reach, 360 km/h (225 mph), the F1 driver is the one how creates it, and he is the one who has to control that kind of speed. Controlling the speed requires strong neck to endure the cornering maneuvers and strong hands to control the wheel in high speeds. To create that physical power and endurance for longer periods, F1 drivers implement high cardio-vascular training through swimming, running, tennis, rowing, bicycle riding and etc. They also perform practice workout exercises for powering the neck muscles (soon on Train Body and Mind).

Lewis Hamilton running:
Lewis Hamilton rowing

During an F1 grand prix race, a driver looses about 3 kg of body weight. This is because of the regular outfit a driver must wear while driving a f1 car. The weight lost reaches 5 kg on the summer races when the weather is pretty hot. To avoid dehydrating, he drinks a lot of water (it doesn’t matter if he is thirsty or not). Taking into consideration that a Grand Prix weekend is held 3 days (Friday practice, Saturday practice and qualifying, Sunday Race) imagine the amount of water they must consume. Not just water, F1 drivers tend to eat a lot of pasta or food containing carbohydrates and proteins.

All of that physical training must be combined with a good trained mind. A F1 racing is a highly focused sport, where a small mistake can get you out of the race. In every sense of the word, “they truly train body and mind at maximum speed”.

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