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Fitness, Health — November 24, 2010 at 4:30 am

Banana – Nutritious Facts

Feel free to call the banana your best fitness friend. Most, if not all, the professional bodybuilders and athletes have the banana as part of their daily nutrition. The banana is a powerful fruit with Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron, potassium and fiber; all of these elements work together to maintain a healthy physical and mental body.

Nutritious Facts of a banana:
Banana Nutritious Facts

The potassium is great for the heart and blood pressure level; Vitamin B works the nervous system and keeps you off stress; Vitamin C crafts the immune system; Iron stimulates hemoglobin production in the blood; and fibers contribute to body-fat loss.

These are just the basic things a banana can do. People have managed to give up smoking by eating a banana instead of lighting a cigarette. After their body has eliminated the nicotine, they started with working out and never looked back on smoking again. Students have found the banana as a great source of concentration while studding for an exam. The Vitamin B trains the mind and refreshes new brain cells for information consumption. Coming back home from a work, stressed and tired, people have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee. Instead of coffee, try a banana; it’ll do wonders to your stamina.

Banana Nutritious Facts:
Banana Nutritious Facts

As mentioned before, professional athletes and bodybuilders have the banana as part of their nutrition. It richness in protein and fibers contribute to power, muscle mass and fat burning. Try a banana an hour before you go to the gym, you’ll feel like a gladiator.

Here is a table of nutritious fact about the banana.


Nutrient Amount DV (%) Nutrient Density
vitamin C 10.74 mg 17.9 3.0
vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 0.68 mg 34.0 5.6
dietary fiber 2.83 g 11.3 1.9
potassium 467.28 mg 13.4 2.2
manganese 0.18 mg 9.0 1.5

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