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Fitness, Running — October 5, 2010 at 11:52 pm

Treadmill or Classic Jogging

The most important thing in every type of exercising is running. There is no type of sport or athlete that doesn’t make running part of its daily exercising routine. The secret ingredient is the way running affects your body temperature and blood flow. When you run, the muscles in the body work faster and blood moves faster through the blood vesicles; the lungs get their proper exercise with oxygen for easier breathing; and more importantly, the heart gets its exercise of having the proper heart beat rhythm.

Classic Jogging:
Treadmill or Classic Jogging

There are absolutely no negative points in running. The question now is weather to run outdoors or indoors (in the gym on a treadmill). Advantages and disadvantages follow both of them.

Classic jogging has the first advantage of high motivation. Running outdoors gives you a sort of freedom and you can run as long as you like and as fast as you like. You can easily adjust your speed and tempo. More over, you can switch from time to time on running backwards; that way the pressure is put on the leg muscles below the knee, the calves. Run sideways, left and right, and the pressure will be on the thighs.

Outdoor running also allows you to invite a friend to run with you. That way running is much fun. If you happen to have a friend who wants to ride a bike or rollerblades, give him an open invitation. Jogging with company bursts the motivation, self-confidence and will definitely lead you to your goal.


Probably the best thing in outdoor running is what every gym lacks – a fresh air. Breathing fresh air is a heavenly food for the lungs and blood. Gyms are filled with crowds breathing all in the same room and the ventilation system often is not enough to bring in fresh air form the outside.

However, a gym treadmill has its benefits too. There won’t be a sunny afternoon every day; the rain and snow are part of nature. So using a treadmill in the gym for running is the best way to run without the rain and snow ruin your party. Adjusting the speed on a treadmill is not a problem at all. Every treadmill has the option of rising higher, thus making running a bit tougher. It will look like you are running up-hill.

What the treadmill won’t let you do is running backwards and sideways. If you try to do that, the treadmill belt will eject you backwards with possible injuries.

On the whole, nothing can replace the outdoor classic jogging. It gives you more freedom of movement and fresh air. The treadmill has limitations on it, and can be a little dangerous for the inexperienced. However, running on a treadmill can be learned; all you have to do is start slowly and adjust to its way of functioning. Don’t start with hard running! Start with a simple walk and then work your way up the speeds.

Both of the running types will definitely lead you to healthier lungs, smoother blood flow and powerful heart beat.

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