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Running — October 25, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Running at Night or Daytime

As long as you have running on your recreational agenda, there is absolutely no difference weather you run before or after sunset. However, there are small details in both of them you should take into consideration.

Running at Daytime:
Running at Daytime

Daytime outdoor running is the most obvious one and the most common. You can choose any time of the day you want and hit the park for a good run. Daylight provides clear vision of the track below your feet so you can easily avoid small rocks that can cause serious ankle twists. Bumps, dumps, sand and similar Detour elements are easily spotted before passing them.

Another good thing about daytime running is normal air temperature. Temperatures tend to drop in the evenings, so the body has to fight cooler air. The lungs are those who feel the difference the most. Imagine, your body is heated by running, but you are breathing cooler air. Not a good combination, isn’t it?

Running at Night, Running at Dusk:
Running at Night, Dusk

Night running is mostly accepted from people who hadn’t had time to run during the day. Helped with street lights and small visibility problems, they are forced to run on the sidewalks with cars passing next to them. Instead of breathing fresh air, carbon dioxide is imported directly to the lungs.

However, there are professional athletes that prefer night running (mostly fighters). It is part of their training program with an exact time of when to start and how long to run. Plus, it trains their concentration with less people around them.

No matter which you choose, enjoy your running. Keep your focus on the track and avoid unwanted rocks or branches. Pay special attention to you body temperature. Sweaty clothes can mess with your temperature status, so always be on the move and never stop for too long.

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