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Body Building, Fitness — October 12, 2010 at 12:04 am

Push ups or Bench Press

The pushups and the bench press are one of the best workout exercises. They provide the body with powerful chest muscles making you pushing harder and prepare for other muscles groups that need their support (for instance shoulder exercises). Either one of these types is effective, but there are advantages and disadvantages in both of them.

Push ups:
Push ups

Bench Press is an exercise when you lie down on a bench and grab a horizontal bar with weights on the side, logically – equally assembled. They are the perfect chest exercise for muscle mass and power. You can exercise the upper chest area when you lift the bench a bit higher. Then when lifting the bar up-and-down it will put pressure on the upper chest area.

Bench Press:
Bench Press

The pushups are a classic workout exercise; they are even the most default training exercise of all. It’s simple to do: you lie on the floor facing down, and then “push the floor” with your hands. The hands and the top of your feet must be the only ones touching the floor. All through out the repetitions keep a firm straight body line.
The key in these two exercises is to switch them from time to time. Do a bench press on a chest training day; and the other time when you have chest training on your program. The third time you have chest for training, do pushups. Don’t make a habit of exercising just bench press or just pushups. Switch from time to time and the body will always be alerted and in movement.

Both of the exercise requires firm body during movements; a bench press requires a firm body “attached” to the floor with the feet; the pushups require straight horizontal body line which is maintained by the abs. Low concentration and false movements can lead to serious injuries (back pain when during pushups or shoulder pain while bench pressing. Start the exercises from low level of difficulties and work your way up.

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