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Body Building, Fitness — October 20, 2010 at 10:59 am


Vertical Pull-Ups are the best back muscle workout you can get. There are no weights attached to any barbell or a workout machine with cords to move; just your body weight. Like push ups, they are an indispensable part of every workout routine. If you haven’t started them, get to it right away.

Pull-Ups, Man:

Before you start the Pull-Ups, know that they are very hard to do; it is not bad if you do only one the first pull. But the more pull-ups you do, the more easily it gets.
Grab the pull-bar with your palms facing away; hang on just a couple of seconds and then pull your body up as much as you can. A complete pull-up is when you pass the bar with your chin; don’t think that a pull up is reaching the bar with the forehead or chin.

If you grab the pull-bar with palms facing you, then you are doing chin-ups. Do 3 sets with as much as repetitions possible.

Pull-Ups, Woman:

Sounds simple (and it is), but there are tips that can help you make more effective pull ups:
– Grab the bar so that the grip will be closer to your fingers. Don’t grip only with the palms;
– Someone can assist you while exercising by holding you on the sides and with small effort help you pull up. Another way of helping is when someone holds your feet with bended knees; as you do pull up, try straightening the knees a bit too help you pull;
– Swinging while pull ups is inevitable. As you progress the exercise, reduce swinging to a minimum. Keep a firm body while pulling and going down.
– Hang every time before a pull up and after a pull up; other wise it’s an incomplete repetition;
– Before pulling up take a deep breath;
– Don’t look down;
– Always chest forward and shoulders back;
– Straighten your legs or cross them. If your pull bar is not high enough, bend the knees.

For motivational purposes, don’t use ANY assistance. Even if you do 2 pull ups in a set, it is a success. The next pull up exercise you will do 3, and so forth. Weight is not the problem when pulling up, its strength. The more pull ups you do, the more strength is crafted, and that helps you conquer the pull bar.

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