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Running — October 8, 2010 at 9:29 pm

Prepare for Running

Don’t just burst into running out of nowhere. Running is the simplest fitness activity, but is the one thing that can easily lead to injuries if proper preparation is not carried out. The preparation comes in the form of stretching and clothing.

Preparing for Running:
Preparing for Running

Stretching before running is a very important thing. The muscles and joints must be stretched so that they can be warmed up. That way, your body won’t be surprised when fast movements appear all of a sudden. Pay special attention to the joints and knees; stretch them carefully, because they will work against the impact every time the foot hits the ground.

Prepare the upper body with stretching so that blood flows easily in the shoulders and elbows. Not just for the blood flow, stretching can put down former injuries (that give you problems form time to time) a little. Running can be a cure for many previous injuries in the knees, ankles, leg muscles and hips; a proper stretching for them is like getting ready for a massage.

Prepare for Running:
Prepare for Running

Since you are running, it is logical that you should wear lighter clothing. Normal trainers will do the work, of course. T-shirt for the upper body is a great choice. Running means sweating, and if you wear upper body trainers with long sleeves in just few minutes you will have to take it off. So, wear a t-shirt; stretching will warm your body enough for the beginning, then the running will do the rest for the body heat in the first three minutes.

Trainers or shorts, the choice is yours. Shorts are a great choice for running in the summer; but if you plan to run in the fall or winter, put some warm trainers on. Not only will they keep your body heat on the legs, but they won’t let cold weather “pinch” them every time you make a forward move.
And enjoy your running; don’t worry about getting a cold. The body heat won’t let that happen.

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