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Fitness, Motivation, Mountain Hiking — October 5, 2010 at 11:55 pm

Motivation during a Hiking Trip

Creating a strong Motivation is a key tool in every recreational exercise. Motivation is the most important tool when going on a hiking trip; it will hold yours spirit high, keep the energy intact and will most definitely be the reason for the following hiking tour.

Start your motivation for a hiking trip the day before. Convince yourself that hiking is what you want, and no matter what somebody else will say hiking in the mountains will remain one of the top recreational exercises in the world.

Motivation for a Hiking adventure:
Motivation for a Hiking

Healthier body is the first benefit that will catapult your motivation. You will always come back from hiking with a healthier body and batteries charged. Of course, you will feel tired, there is no doubt in that; but think of it as a body fully loaded with positive energy and stamina.

A great element in hiking motivation is the nature itself that you will see. Stepping out of the urban areas for a day will calm down your stressed aura. Stress is more likely to disappear during a hiking trip, then sitting at home lying on the couch. If for some reason you start a hiking day with a stress left-over from work, know that by noon there will be no stress whatsoever. All afternoon you will be left with clear mind and positive energy. The nature it self has all the elements and ingredients you need for motivation.

Since hiking tours in the mountains alone is not recommended, motivation is to be found in the company you are going with. The same reason you took hiking as your recreational exercise, they have it too; and probably more then that. You are bound to have fun on the hiking trip with interesting conversation, life experiences, jokes, things that happen during the past week and etc.

Motivation during a hiking trip can “hit” few bumps on the road. Those “bumps” are in the form of tiredness and no patience at all. Since hiking takes a day you don’t have to rush to get to the appointed location. Take your time when you are hiking; because every time you push harder, the body will push even more to cope with the slopes and the motivation you had will start to wear off.

Probably the greatest motivation for a hiking trip is two days after a hiking trip. The day after a hiking trip you will experience possible small aches in the muscles, but that is OK. Those small aches are the bodies answer to the healthy food you gave it in the mountains. Two days later, you will feel your body tougher; the muscles will give you an iron sense, the lungs will have more stamina; and your mind will recollect a hiking trip without a stress that you took. The Recollection will be a start of a new Motivation for the next hiking trip.

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