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Mountain Hiking — October 15, 2010 at 9:25 pm

How to Rest During Hiking

Taking a short break, while hiking in the mountains, is an essential part of the activity. It will give you time to relax the muscles and regain strength. Some veteran hikers take two or three brakes until they reach the destination, or don’t have a break at all. Never the less, don’t exclude pauses while hiking no matter how tough you consider to be.

How to rest during hiking – Don’t sit down or lay on ground!
How to rest during hiking

In your first hiking trip, take a break when you feel the need to. Don’t over react by walking an extra mile if you can’t. A short break of 5 minutes will reset the energy and then you are ready to go. Increase the time to take a rest as you increase your hiking experience. For instance: If you rested every 45 minutes on the first hiking trip, on the next one, make them every hour. Beginners are advised to inform the rest of the group about their resting schedule. I am sure that they will accept their plan. The more you go on hiking trips, the more you won’t have the need to look the time and wait for a rest; the resting necessity will come naturally.

One of the most interesting things about short rests, is that you can plan them to be beside a brook on the way; a small mountain fountain where you can refill your water bottle; a place where the road split; a small valley; at the end of a sharp slope; and etc.

How to rest during hiking:
How to rest during hiking

It is recommendable to stand while resting; sounds ironic but it works. If you sit down after an hour of walking, it will be harder for you to get. Why? – Because the body, in a way, “slept” for a moment; and it will be difficult for it to wake up again. Save the main rest for the final destination. The short rests are meant for regaining strength in the lungs and muscles.

Fell free to drink water and eat something. But don’t eat a lot since there is more to hike and you don’t need a full stomach to make it harder. Eat something that can refresh your aura; small chocolate bar, some candy; or an energy bar. Fresh fruit is always the best energy refreshment.

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  1. More experienced hikers would sugest that quite slow walking tempo up in the mountains also rests you, as equal as taking short sitting or standing break. Resting trough slow walking doesn’t push U to change the body work regime so often, wich makes U weaker in a way.
    U’ve done xlnt job with this site.

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