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Motivation, Running — October 12, 2010 at 9:43 pm

How to Motivate Yourself While Running

Running is an exercise that requires firm concentration and focused mind. Don’t run just to say you are running; make running your personal activity to refresh the aura around you. Because running can be a boring exercise, here are some tips that can help you get rid of that boredom.

Motivate yourself running with great company:
motivate yourself while running

You may have noticed people who run in the park have headphones on. Mostly they are small simple radios. Some have an MP3 player or, more stylish now a days, an iPod. The goal is simple: listening to music while running. This will definitely kill the monotonic boredom of a running experience. Make a playlist of songs you want to listen while running. Motivation will follow from it because the music provides a sort of isolation from the other surrounding sounds. If you listen to a music from your favorite action movie, the song from that scene will go through your mind and create additional “action scene adrenalin”. Try it, it works.

Motivation also comes form the surroundings where you run. Some prefer to run on the sidewalk right next to the passing cars on the street. It gives them an urban underground feeling like they are professional boxers preparing for a big fight. Others prefer to run in the park with trees and grass around them, thus letting nature provide a motivational tool for running smoother and calmer.

Motivate yourself while running:
motivate yourself while running

Running with someone else is not a distraction at all; as a matter of fact, running with a friend can be quite motivational. If one of you falls back and thinks of quitting, the other can motivate him to push harder, saying things like “You can do it, come on!” , “Just a bit further” and stuff like that.

While running motivate yourself by thinking of the benefits you receive from running; think of the warm shower or bathtub afterwards; of the good sleep later on; of the cozy bed with a blanket on top of you; and etc. The motivational tools are limitless. If you can’t find one, make one.

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