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Body Building, Fitness — October 30, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Gym Distractions

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There is no doubt that a gym is full of distraction; people talking loudly, unbearable sweat, loud music, hot good-looking girls and boys … all of this can turn the switch off on your concentration and make a mess while training.

Gym Distractions:
Gym Distractions

Know there are imminent things while exercising acting as distractions, like sweat. Sweat is the primary goal while working out; if there is no sweat, then its like you haven’t exercises at all. So, learn to live with sweat in the gym.

Other people can get carried away between sets and start a long loud conversation. As much as you try not to listen, their voice is there to pierce your ears. It is similar thing with loud music. Too much volume is less focus. What type of music is a different thing, but loud music can be a killer between sets when trying to relax.

A TV in the gym is also a distraction. Instead of relaxing between sets, you watch the news or a sport event. You can easily get carried way by watching too long and loose body heat before the next set or exercise.

Gym Distractions:
Gym Distractions

And the biggest distraction of all: hot girls and boys. People are there to get in shape and look physically good, mostly sexy. So wearing tight trainers and t-shirts is on the top on chart for distractions.

Distractions are beatable! Whatever it is, eliminate it. You are there to exercise, not talk or check out hot girls and boys. That kind of distraction can easily lead to heavy injuries. Maintain full concentration at all time.

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