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Mountain Hiking, Train body and mind — October 5, 2010 at 11:40 pm

First Hiking Trip: What to Wear

Taking the first step on deciding to have your first hiking trip is probably the most important. So don’t worry on deciding what to wear. A hiking trip first requires will, everything else comes easy. This article is based on what to wear for an entire day of hiking in nature.

First Hiking Trip: What to Wear
First Hiking Trip

Normally what to wear depends on the day; weather it will be warm or cold. For that information it is best to know the weather forecast for the day. No matter which season is, the morning is always the coldest part of the day. Since you plan to start the hiking trip early, good sport trainers are excellent; even better if your upper body has a trainer with a zipper on it. The zipper will help you adjust to the temperature in the morning weather you like to be fully zipped, half, or not use the zipper at all.
Under the upper body trainers it is good to have a sweatshirt on and a t-shirt on top of it. The lower part of the body is well protected with the trainers alone. Logically the legs are those doing most of the work so blood is constantly in circulation not allowing cold to mess up body temperature. If you fell that the morning is too cold for you, feel free to put on a light jacket.

An inseparable part of a hiking trip is the bag pack. So by all means, don’t exclude its role. It will serve you great for your food and water provisions and extra clothing. All along the day, the bag pack will keep your back well heated. This won’t be because a bag pack has a heater on it, no; that will be because of your body-heat, supported by the bag pack, not “exiting” so easily.

Hiking most of the day requires good hiking shoes. You can provide your self with good hiking boots with strong sole. The foot won’t have any problems encountering rocks on the path. If your trip leads you to hard slopes, the foot will easily adapt to the terrain and there will be no danger in twisting the ankle.

A good pair of sox is also important. It is a small irony that some experienced hikers put on winter sox with thick thread. They wear it not because it is very cold during winter, but because sox with thick thread will stop the foot from sliding inside the boot, thus leading to painful blisters.

A cap and sunglasses are part of the option clothing. You can have a pair of sunglasses over at https://www.globosurfer.com/best-polarized-sunglasses/ no matter what season it is, as long as there is the sun. Wearing a cap is good during the summer to protect you from the sun. Not only it will make you a small shade over the eyes, but it will protect your head from the hot sun.

Always carry spear clothing in your bag pack. Extra clothing, meaning, extra t-shirt and an extra sweatshirt so that you can change the sweaty clothes when you arrive at the planned destination.

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  1. In these modern days everything requires planning.
    Though I agree with the above “what to wear” suggestions and conclusions, I can not skip to mention an old saying , that goes like: “wherever you go, whatever you do, take the good will, along. that is all you need”.

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