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Body Building, Fitness, Running — October 5, 2010 at 11:34 pm

First Day in the Gym

Often you will hear many people say “you can tell the day by its morning”; these words are completely true. If in the morning you see a nice morning sunshine coming from your window, then it dill be a great day for you most definitely. So look your first day in the gym as a great sunny morning with fresh air.

When going inside a gym and you see a lot of people working out, don’t be intimidated by that. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit like a new comer in school. Everybody is there to workout and to achieve their goal; you are there to achieve yours. Their goals are different from yours.

First Day in the Gym for this fit brunette:
First Day in the Gym for this fit brunette

Common mistake people make the first day in the gym is that they can misinterpret the goals in being a competition on which one is the best there. That is the first and the worst mistake you must not allow to overtake you. You are there to achieve a workout mission for yourself, not for others.

Open the door of the gym with a small motivation for working-out. Whatever it is stick to it. It will take through your first day without giving you an embarrassing feeling among the other athletes.

Since it is your first day in the gym, you will definitely have to ask about the working out machines and how to exercise on them. Almost every gym has a working-out instructor that can guide you through the basics, give you some beginning advice, and after that work on your own. There are instructors that if you want more advice and workout-system, you have to pay a certain amount of time. Of course, no man is prohibited to search the net or read some books about working out and build his own working-out routine and system. Many athletes have achieved their goals without the help of an instructor. Their motivation and will to achieve through working-out has led them to search the best exercise that suits them.

Before you start working-out, stretch. Your body has been sleeping for quite some time and now needs to be wake up. The stretching will prevent possible injuries in the joints.

First Day in the Gym is Never Easy:
First Day in the Gym is Never Easy

It is important not to over workout. If you give your “body an explosion” the first day with hard exercises it will definitely bring you aches the other day and that will not motivate you to go to the gym the day after since all your muscles hurt. Start with small weights and half of the time exercise stamina; run on the treadmill for 15 minutes, stationary bike or the elliptical machine.

Do not spend more then an hour working-out. The more time you spend there the first day, the more likely that you will injure some joints or have more pains in the muscles the next day.

So don’t be intimidated by some small talk about the gym or the pictures that are framed in the gym’s wall with the professional bodybuilder. Think about your goals and the proper motivation you want. That will definitely make you visit the gym the day after, and the day after, and the day after, and so on.

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