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Fitness, Running — October 16, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Drinking Water While Exercising

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Water means Life. In exercising water means energy and less danger of dehydration. How much, and even the way you consume water while exercising, is important. Here are some tricks.

Drinking Water While Exercising:
Drinking Water While Exercising

First and foremost, know that the body itself asks for water when it wants to. Don’t follow some rule of 8 glasses of water a day. You will be obligated to drink those 8 glasses even if you are not thirsty. Water is not the only consumable liquid during a day; you drink fruit juices, tea, coffee, beer and etc; all of that supplies the body with liquids.

While exercising, drink water as much as you need to. Again, don’t force drinking water. Take a couple of small sips that can refresh your mouth and wash the spit. If you start feeling water waves in your stomach then you have gone too far.

Drinking Water While Exercising:
Drinking Water While Exercising

You have probably noticed that boxers don’t drink water during training, but spit it. They take small sips and then spit them out. That is because the senses of thirst are in the mouth, where a lot of spit is created during a physical activity. Washing that spit with a small sip of water is quite refreshing. If you drink that refreshing sip every time, then your stomach will be filled with water and the kidneys will have a lot of work on their hand. And that tends to harden your exercising activity.

It doesn’t matter if you are exercising in the gym, running or take aerobics; this water-drinking technique goes for every recreational activity. Always drink fresh water. You can drink fruit juices, ice tea or an energy drink.

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