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Body Building — October 11, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Body Building Regime

Making your own body building regime is crucial for your workout. Body building can be a tough sport if you don’t follow a certain regime. Look at Regime as a discipline measure; not only will it built your muscles, but also craft a strong discipline and working habits.

Body building regime for male:
body building regime

The most important element in a Body Building Regime is the motivation and a firm decision to reach the goal. Strong regime, means sticking to the rules in the workout agenda. If chest workout and abs are pun on your schedule and you don’t feel like bench pressing, don’t switch to another muscle group. That is not following the regime. There are body building exercises that can relax your muscles even if you don’t feel like it. No need for the bench press every time you have chest muscles for exercising; do pushups or chest dips (the exercise when you grab two stationary bars and move up and down with your hands, thus simulating a “dip”).

Body building regime for female:
body building regime for female

Most of the body building regime involves healthy nutrition. Almost 90 % of the body building exercises depend on the healthy nutrition. Make a nutritious regime for you body building program and stick to it, no matter how much you want a bar of chocolate or an ice cream. This kind of discipline in the nutritious regime will lead to the six-packs you have always wanted.

Moreover, healthy nutrition affects the energy you take with you in the gym. If you disobeyed your regime and ate, let’s say a burger and fries; when you start to workout after two hours, you will feel like you ate a couple of rocks. All they will do is make your workout harder. The muscles won’t receive the proper energy, since we know that fast food hasn’t got any healthy nutrition. So stick to your planed nutritious regime, the muscles will do the rest.
The more you obey the regime, the more it will work for your benefit in your body building workout program.

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