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Fitness, Gallery, Motivation, Mountain Hiking, Running — October 26, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Autumn in the Mountains No. 1

Enjoy the multicolors of Autumn. Photos by Done Ivanov, Vinica, Macedonia.

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Golden autumn photo:
golden autumn photo

Amazing autumn colors:
Amazing autumn colors

Autumn in mountains:
autumn in mountains

Autumn, so many different colours:
Autumn, so many different colours

Early Autumn in the Mountains:
Early Autumn in the Mountains

Early Autumn in the Mountains, view from above:
Early Autumn in the Mountains, view from above

Fantastic Autumn scenery in the mountains:
Fantastic Autumn scenery in the mountains

Inspiring autumn photos:
Inspiring autumn photos

Naked trees in autumn:
naked trees in autumn

Old, time (age) destroyed cottage:
Old, time (age) destroyed cottage

Road to mountains:
Road to mountains


  1. Pictures’re exellent. U’ve wondwrfull autumn colorfullnes in Macedonia. Lucky U, and thanks for shareing.
    BTW, I’m hardly waiting to see some more from your mountains.
    Have a nice day ‘n keep posting.

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