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Body Building, Fitness — October 23, 2010 at 3:15 am

Abs Myths

People are misled many times when it comes to exercising the abs. There are
some things you should know about abdominal muscles before you start exercising the wrong way. Read the following myths and clear the road towards the six-packs.

Abs Myths:
Abs Myths

Myth 1: Abs exercises are the only way to get rid of fat.
The most common mistake people make every time when it comes to abs workout. Body fat above the abdominal muscles is reduced and lost through proper nutrition with low calories and full body workout.

Myth 2: Abs requires everyday training.
You don’t do pushups every day, do you? The body needs to rest so the muscles can function properly; Abs want their rest too. Don’t even think that everyday abs-crunches will give results.

Abs Myths:
Abs Myths

Myth 3: Difference between Abdominal Muscles and Regular Muscle.
Abs are like any other muscles; there require no special treatment; they only differ from the rest in not having a bone surface underneath. Exercise them regularly and effectively like all other muscle groups.

Myth 4: Increasing the repetitions will give results faster.
Make the abs workout harder and more challenging; No need for countless repetitions.

Myth 5: If you have back pain, abs training will only make it worse.
Quite the contrary: strong abs lead to strong back. The abs always assists the body in making a straight back.

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